Holiday Art Activities for Healing Trauma

Holiday Trauma Triggers: Art Activities for Healing By Erica Curtis LMFT, ATR-BC Holiday traditions. Smells and tastes. Sights and sounds. Familiar sensory input paves a superhighway to the past, ushering in a host of memories and associated emotions – whether joyous, taxing, or dreadful. For those who have experienced loss, illness, conflict, abuse, or other . . . Learn More

Techniques for Facilitating Therapeutic Writing

This one-day training will help anyone start a full Pongo Model project to help distressed teens understand and express their issues and feelings through poetry. 10/14 • Seattle, Washington. Find dozens of free writing prompts on the Pongo website as well.

Free Weekly Racial Justice Dialogue Series

Sponsored by the North American Drama Therapy Association, these calls are open to fellow creative arts therapists and mental health professionals from diverse disciplines. Click here for more information, and to register.

Trauma Recovery through the Arts

From community violence to hurricane devastation, we are reminded of the need to address trauma. However, trauma is far more prevalent than we may realize; for example, current statistics suggest that 15-27% of our population has experienced trauma in the form of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse (Chiu et al, 2013). And nearly 2/3 of . . . Learn More

The Dancing Brain

Physical exercise has an anti-aging effect on the hippocampus region of the brain — an area that controls memory, learning and balance. A new study, comparing different forms of exercise — dancing and endurance training — undertaken by elderly volunteers for eighteen months, shows that both can have an anti-aging effect on the brain, but . . . Learn More

UCLA Medical Students Bring Therapeutic Arts to Patients

“As first and second year medical students, we rarely have the opportunity to interact with patients outside of the clinical setting. Being a part of TAG allowed us a space to develop our rapport building skills and provide a dual therapeutic benefit for both the patient and the students.” — UCLA Medical Student “I felt free to . . . Learn More

Call for Proposals: Stanford International Health Humanities Consortium Conference

Stanford’s International Health Humanities Consortium Conference seeks proposals by 11/1 for their annual conference. The conference is part of Stanford’s Medicine & the Muse program, which is the home for the arts and humanities at Stanford Medical School, with programs that integrate the arts and humanities into medical education, scholarly endeavors, and the practice of . . . Learn More

Creative Solutions for Students AND Teachers

A report by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation on Teacher Stress and Health: Effects on Teachers, Students, and Schools documents the value of social-emotional learning for students and teachers.  Students show improved behavior and academic achievement. Teachers show increased productivity and well-being. In addition, teachers who use mindfulness practices gain both personal and professional benefits. . . . Learn More

Call for Proposals: International Congress for Integrative Medicine and Health

The 2018 International Congress for Integrative Medicine and Health—to be held in Baltimore, MD on May 8-11, 2017—is accepting proposals through 10/11, and welcomes arts-based submissions. This year’s theme is “Collaboration in Action: Advancing Integrative Health through Research, Education, Clinical Practice and Policy.” For more information, visit: Helen Lavretsky, M.D., M.S., of UCLA is one . . . Learn More