Inspirational Videos: Drama Therapy

Get inspired for our inaugural experiential conference! This month’s feature: drama therapy video clips. Witness the inspiring enactments of stories from San Quentin State Prison, offered by the drama therapy program of Marin Shakespeare Company, which engages inmates in a half year of Shakespearean studies, followed by a half year of developing their own “parallel . . . Learn More

Improvisation Sparks Communication

Life is an improvisation. No one hands you a script at the start of your day. Dan Klein is an expert in improvisational communication and creative problem solving.  In this video, Going Beyond “Hello,” he explores the improvisational principle of “yes-and,” or accepting the offers of others, and how it applies to our daily lives. He describes . . . Learn More

View Creativity Conference Videos from Spring 2013

Click on the link below to view footage in 18 labeled segments from our April 7, 2013 conference entitled, “On the Edge of Chaos: Finding Flow and Resilience through Creativity & the Arts”. On the Edge of Chaos: Finding Flow and Resilience through Creativity and the Arts

Experience Your New Year Intentions as Reality

Experience your new year intentions as reality through this self-guided activity on your metaphorical home.  This activity is offered by Mimi Savage, Registered Drama Therapist and Doctoral student in Expressive Therapies. Click on the link below to view the activity. Gifts from the Heart – New Year Narradrama Activity – January 2014.pdf

Laughter Through Improvisational Games with Brief Instructional Videos

In Anatomy of an Illness, UCLA professor Norman Cousins (author, medical humanitarian and bearer of over 70 honorary medical degrees) documented his remarkable recovery from the incurable connective tissue disease called ankylosing spondylitis, using laughter and massive injections of vitamin C.  Before he passed away in 1990, he used to say that laughter was a metaphor . . . Learn More

Free Audio Archive for Creative Arts Therapies

The audio archive for creative arts therapies, sponsored by the Expressive Therapies Summit & Expressive Media’s Institute of the Arts in Healing, gives voice to creative arts therapists and inspiration to students and consumers. Creative arts therapists may upload up to 2-minutes and 30 seconds of an inspiring story about what they do. Students and . . . Learn More

Creative Arts Therapies in a Nutshell: Video Clips of Experiential Demonstrations of Art, Dance/Movement, Drama, Music, and Poetry Therapies

At the 2013 UCLA Integrative Medicine Conference, UCLArts and Healing presented a panel of leading clinician/scholars from five creative arts therapy disciplines (in art, dance/movement, drama, music, and poetry), who each offered an experiential demonstration of the principles of their work, as well as explained the nature of their discipline and training requirements. Creative arts . . . Learn More

Acting, Body Language, and Authentic Self-Expression

By Stephanie Nash, MFA – Acting Teacher, Body Language Expert & Mindfulness Meditation Coach I’ve always been interested in body language – especially when I first encountered other cultures in my teens.   I was interacting with people who moved and related to each other physically in ways that were quite foreign to my WASP upbringing. . . . Learn More