Trauma Recovery through the Arts

From community violence to hurricane devastation, we are reminded of the need to address trauma. However, trauma is far more prevalent than we may realize; for example, current statistics suggest that 15-27% of our population has experienced trauma in the form of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse (Chiu et al, 2013). And nearly 2/3 of . . . Learn More

On the Edge of Chaos Conference 2013 (10 of 18)

On the Edge of Chaos Conference 2013 (10 of 18) On the Edge of Chaos: Finding Flow and Resilience through Creativity and the Arts (04/07/13) On The Edge Of Chaos Conference 2013: Research Panel, part four, features Katherine Mogul, PsyD, and her presentation on stress and trauma. related videos On the Edge of Chaos Conference 2013: . . . Learn More

Four Air Force Captains Empower Afghani and Other Women by Creating a Nonprofit to Bring Their Artisan Handiwork to America

Artisan handiwork can change not only the lives of artists but also the people trying to help them. Four US Air Force captains, inspired by artisan widows in Afghanistan, have created the nonprofit, Flying Scarves, to empower women throughout the world. “In order to rebuild these communities, we’re going to have to empower people…And the people who . . . Learn More

If We Could See Inside People’s Hearts

This is an absolutely touching video from the Cleveland Clinic entitled, “If We Could See Inside People’s Hearts.”   We each have important stories to tell, and knowing those stories fills us with empathy and compassion.  The creative arts can enable us to see inside people’s hearts, even without words. Click here to view the . . . Learn More