Techniques for Facilitating Therapeutic Writing

This one-day training will help anyone start a full Pongo Model project to help distressed teens understand and express their issues and feelings through poetry. 10/14 • Seattle, Washington. Find dozens of free writing prompts on the Pongo website as well.

Inspirational Videos: Poetry as Therapy

From the Middle East to medical school, watch the power of poetry to reveal and release what is within. Poetry in Medical School Doctor and poet Rafael Campo of Harvard Medical School thinks medical school distances doctor and patient at the cost of human understanding. A possible cure? He uses poetry to help close the . . . Learn More

Journaling Tips and Writing Prompts

The Center for Journal Therapy, founded by Kay Adams, LPC, offers suggestions on how to get started. Click here to view 14 writing techniques for your journal. Click here to view 3 poems of the month and therapeutic journal writing prompts. Click here to view 7 refrigerator mini-prompts. Click here for more resources for personal benefit or professional development, including . . . Learn More

How Poetry Literally Saved a Life Behind Bars

Read the inspiring story of award-winning poet Jimmy Santiago Baca’s journey from using books for physical self-protection behind bars to winning the Columbus Foundation’s American Book Award and serving as judge for an annual poetry contest for youth in juvenile correctional centers. Click here to read the NPR story. Click here to read poems by . . . Learn More

Center for Journal Therapy

The Center for Journal Therapy mission is to make the healing art and science of journal writing accessible to all who desire self-directed change.

Creativity & the Arts in Healing

Our inaugural experiential training conference will feature over 100 half-day workshops and day-long master classes demonstrating the use of art, dance, drama, drumming, music, writing, digital media, and play techniques. Taught by distinguished invited faculty from across the country, the program—which can be attended for any one or combination of days—will highlight varied arts-based psychotherapy . . . Learn More

UCLArts and Healing Conference 2011: Writing From the Senses, Nomi Isak

UCLArts and Healing Conference 2011: Writing From the Senses, Nomi Isak Experience how sensory exploration and subtle movement can keep us in our bodies, allowing us to tap into sources of creative expression that run deeper than the conscious mind. Bio: Nomi Isak is an award-winning book editor and writing coach. She has been the . . . Learn More

Gifts from the Heart: Self-Guided Arts Activities

As our holiday gift to you, three creative arts therapists have provided activities centered on the topic of giving that can be done individually, or with family and friends. These self-guided activities are intended to help deepen the meaning of the holidays and reduce stress.  They also demonstrate how the process of creative expression can be used . . . Learn More

Insight and Inspiration on Writing from Your Deep Coice

Inspirational remarks by Robert Carroll, MD, from his workshops on The Wisdom of Your Deep Voice through Writing: Turning Your Inside Out, August 2013. Smell is our most primitive and most finely tuned sensory modality.  Remembering smells evokes memories and images of our early lives like the smell of cooking in our family’s kitchen or the . . . Learn More