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Our mission is to transform lives through creative expression by integrating the innate benefits of the arts with mental health practices for self-discovery, connection, and empowerment.

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Interested in learning how music, mindful movement, or telling your story through imagery or poetry can reduce stress? Wondering how theatrical improvisation can bolster communication skills? Curious about how the process of creative expression reveals the inner self and facilitates healing? Join us for one of our many programs centered in the use of the arts as a vehicle for transformation.

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Professional Development

Our signature training programs focus on the process of creative expression to achieve sustainable social, emotional, physical, and cognitive goals.

Community Services

From delivering customized training to the Boys and Girls Clubs to developing programs for the YWCA, we are committed to furthering our mission in the community.


We offer experiential presentation to expand awareness and adoption of arts-based resources for well-being and healing.

Want to find out more about the arts as a vehicle for empowerment and transformation? Looking for an article on how dance can modify the progression of Parkinson's Disease? Or an experiential conference on poetry therapy? Download free articles on healing trauma through art, watch video excerpts of our signature Beat the Odds drumming program, search theater arts-based non-profit organizations in your area, find practitioners, and more-in our extensive (and ever expanding) resources section.

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We've partnered with Remo, Inc. to be able to offer one-stop shopping for a good cause. Choose from our hand-selected assortment of drums and hand-percussion instruments that are ideal for use in the community-all offered at discounted rates.

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