Christine Stevens
Rhythm for Relaxation and Renewal by Christine Stevens, MSW, MT-BC

We are incubated in rhythm. Our mother’s heartbeat is the soundtrack of our first concert in the womb. Rhythm is everyone’s homeland. Perhaps these inner rhythms are why we can be driven by rhythm in two primary directions: to energize and revitalize or to center and relax. The medicine of rhythm is as much what it undoes as what it does.  Rhythm is a healing force that takes us out of our minds and into our bodies, tuning out cerebral thought and activating instinctive primal knowledge.  We can become overthinkers, obsessing about the details of our lives and listening to the endless chatter of self-critique and wandering mental musings of the past or future.  Rhythm takes us to the beat of the now, welcoming us into rich aliveness of every new moment. In this way, rhythm can move us forward in life when we face challenges or feel stuck.  Our bodies become alive in the beat of a good groove, energized in the spirit of rhythm, and grounded in the heartbeat of Mother Earth.


Click here to view Christine Stevens in a brief demonstration  of rhythms for relaxation and revitalization.