Beat the Odds: Classroom Experience Testimonial

6th Grade teacher Mr. Soqui of the Newhall School District in Santa Clarita Valley, CA, gives an impromptu testimonial regarding his class’s experience and outcomes with the program, Beat the Odds: Social and Emotional Skill Building Delivered in a Framework of Drumming. Beat the Odds Teacher Trainings are offered quarterly at the REMO Recreational Music Center.

Beat the Odds is a program that integrates activities from contemporary drum circles and group counseling to teach skills such as focus and listening, team building, leadership, expressing feelings, managing anger/stress, empathy and gratitude. UCLA researchers have shown that Beat the Odds can significantly improve inattention, withdrawn/depressed behavior, post-traumatic stress, anxiety, attention deficit/hyperactivity, and oppositional defiance. Facilitator trainings are offered quarterly on our events page.  No musical experience is necessary to be trained as a Beat the Odds facilitator.

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American Rhythms: Beating the Odds Documentary Film Trailer

This documentary film trailer shows the context of a UCLA study of a program entitled: Beat the Odds: Social & Emotional Skill Building Delivered in a Framework of Drumming. The program was delivered to low-income 5th graders in an elementary school.


Beat the Odds: Facilitator Training

This edited clip shows a wide variety of participants at a training for Beat the Odds: Social Emotional Skill Building Delivered in a Framework of Drumming, as they share their reasons for being there and demonstrate facilitating rhythmic activities.


Beat the Odds: 4/3/11 Facilitator Training

At our April 3, 2011 training, we captured footage of three trainees with entirely different facilitation styles. This footage shows the infinite possibilities for facilitation using nonverbal communication, self expression, & individual creativity.