Beat the Odds® in the News!

Read about how sixth graders in the Fresno Unified School District are learning the importance of connection, presence, and “being in tune with your own rhythm” through Beat the Odds® as well as how an Indianapolis teacher received a Fund for Teachers grant not only to receive training as a BTO facilitator, but also to purchase drum equipment for her 257 music students.

the articles:

Drum Circles for PE: It’s Happening in Some Fresno Elementary Schools – and Helping by Carmen George for the Fresno Bee.

Fellow Friday | Helping Students Beat the Odds on the Funds for Teachers website.

about beat the odds®:

BTO_Registered_Logo_WebBeat the Odds® (BTO) is a trauma-informed program that integrates activities from group drumming and group counseling to build core strengths such as focusing and listening, team building, leadership, expressing feelings, managing anger/stress, empathy, and gratitude. To learn more about Beat the Odds®, view the documentary trailer, watch a testimonial, and read publications and media articles featuring BTO.

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