Dance for All joins UCLArts and Healing

Dance For All offers dance, yoga and performance opportunities for teens and adults with developmental disabilities to build a community that cultivates self-esteem and empowers individuals to find vision, voice and leadership.  Dance for All is now an official program within UCLArts and Healing.

Dance for All teaches:

  • Yoga Breathing and Movement – to help regulate the nervous system, manage energy and emotions, develop strength and self-awareness.
  • Dance and Choreography – to widen the range of movement abilities, develop gross and fine motor skills, increase kinesthetic coordination, facilitate creative and emotional expression, and find a voice through the language of movement. Through individual and group projects, participants develop leadership and social skills.
  • Performances – to highlight accomplishments, skills and spirit.  Participants work together to create solo and group pieces that are performed in various community venues.

Volunteer and internship opportunities are also available to provide assistance with weekly classes, dance projects and community performances.

For volunteer and internship/training opportunities, or to register for dance classes: Contact Hilary Kern at

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