Elementary School Literacy Coach Responds to Drumming Experience

To build support for the drumming study at Napa Street Elementary School, we held a luncheon and drumming experience for the entire staff of the school at Remo Recreation Center in North Hollywood. Karen Stafford, Literacy Coach at Napa Street Elementary School, responded with the following feedback:

I wanted to tell you how wonderful the drumming was. I had a blast. I really felt energized when I usually feel tired! It was fabulous. I also wanted to share a wonderful experience that I had had during my college years. I was in my final semester of student teaching, taking 21 units, and terribly stressed. That goes without saying. I had to take a 1 unit art class—so I took a pottery clay class one day per week. Because the good potters hogged the wheels, I was left to work with the clay making objects, sculpture, etc. I forget the required time that I had to put in for the one unit; however, I remember staying 3 hours extra each time because it was so relaxing. It was an unbelievable experience for me. I would walk out of there like a limp noodle. I know it works—from experience.