Help Older Adults Combat Loneliness

Alma LogoIn partnership with UCLArts & Healing, ALMA is a volunteer-run organization that seeks to transform lives by creating intergenerational relationships between volunteers and underserved seniors through movement, music, and art activities. ALMA offers education, training, direct creative arts programming, and advocacy. Recently, as a result of COVID-19, ALMA created Alive Together, a virtual program geared towards decreasing isolation and loneliness through technology. Initiatives include:

ALMA-Alive Together-1ALMA Certification Training: ALMA has two levels of certification trainings.

Basic Training: A three hour online certification training focusing on older adults with dementia and best practices for connecting with them. Prerequisite for ALMA volunteers.

Facilitator Training:  An intensive certification training which provides individuals with the tools and expertise to run and facilitate ALMA program sessions. Prerequisite to becoming a paid facilitator of ALMA programs. Appropriate for educators, creative arts therapists, and caregivers.

ALMA-Alive-Together-Group-ZoomAlive Inside: High School Initiative: A four week virtual program designed to pair up high school seniors with older adults sheltering in place. High school seniors get immersed in service learning about aging, isolation, and creativity, while also getting the opportunity to connect intimately with senior citizens isolated at home, who, in turn, feel seen and heard.

Alive Together Resource Library: A library of free, pre-recorded sessions and workshops that deliver arts based programming ( i.e. music, art, and dance therapy sessions, workshops, yoga, sound healings, art-directives, warm-ups, etc.) created by individuals in the creative arts community. These videos are designed for elders of varying cognitive abilities and their caregivers (including nurses, staff, home attendants, and loved ones).

ALMA is looking for:

Interns: With ALMA expanding rapidly, we are looking for interns to join our team and help with: social media strategy and engagement, web design, copywriting, email marketing, grant writing, connecting with appropriate foundations and organizations, partnership and funding, and help with set-up of events.

ALMA-Alive Together-2Older Adults: We are still searching for older adults to join our Alive Together: High School Initiative program. We are looking for 6-8 older adults who meet the criteria listed on our flyer.

Volunteers: ALMA is always looking for volunteers to be part of our many programs. ALMA volunteers receive both practical skills in connecting with isolated older adults utilizing the arts as well as an opportunity to reflect on their own relationship to aging, loneliness, and creativity. ALMA volunteers become empowered and competent in becoming the solution for ending loneliness.

Creative Arts Therapists: We are seeking therapists who are interested in submitting one or more videos for the Alive Together App. The videos will be added to our online library of video resources. There would be no commission at this time; however, it is for a good cause and offers a good opportunity to get your work out there to others in need all over the nation.

To learn more about ALMA and their initiatives, visit For more information on Alive Together, view ALMA’s three-minute video and informational flyer.