Inspirational Video Clips: Music Therapy

Get inspired by remarkable clips showing how the arts are used in healing.

The Healing Power of Music

In this video created by PBS NewsHour, correspondent Spencer Michels reports on the versatility of music and music therapy in a medical setting.  Click on the title above to view the it.

The Rhythm Tree

Music therapist Ryan Judd offers a set of short videos that actually debriefs the viewer as they observe a music therapy session. Click on the titles below to view the videos from the following site:

Adult with Autism Shines in Music Therapy
How Does Music Therapy Benefit Children with Autism?
Easy-to-Use Calming Strategies for Autism
Music Therapist Shows How to Use Music to Boost Self-Esteem
Easy-to-learn Social Skills Song for Children with Special Needs

Mindful Music: Recreational Music to Empower Seniors

The Resounding Joy program of Mindful Music for older adults aims to empower them through song.  It’s an intergenerational music program brought to older adults by volunteers called Joyful Givers who engage them in music that is familiar to them.  This experience not only brings back memories and language, but also engages movement and social connection.  Click on the title above to view the video.