Inspirational Video on Creative Leadership

Benjamin Zander - better

Benjamin Zander uses his experience as conductor of the Boston Philharmonic since 1979 to illustrate our responsibility as leaders: to awaken the sense of possibility in others – which empowers them to be their best – and to give them the “shining eyes” that mark that sense of possibility.  And he leaves us with a very profound story as to why it is important to do that at all times.

This 20-minute TED talk will not only inspire with ideas, but also with the beauty of classical music and humor.  Click here to view the talk.

Zander is co-author of The Art of Possibility, with wife Rosamund Stone Zander, family therapist and executive coach.  The Zanders uphold the belief that our innate human capacity for creativity that can be harnessed for effective personal and professional relationships.

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“It’s one of the characteristics of a leader that he not doubt for one moment the capacity of the people he’s leading to realize whatever he’s dreaming.” – Benjamin Zander

“The conductor of an orchestra doesn’t make a sound. He depends, for his power, on his ability to make other people powerful.” – Benjamin Zander