Inspirational Videos: Dance/Movement Therapy

Get inspired by remarkable clips showing how the arts are used in healing. The American Dance Therapy Association has produced a series of ADTA Talks on various applications of dance/movement therapy.  In this video, Nana Koch, EdD gives a good basic introduction to dance/movement therapy:

An Introduction to Dance/Movement Therapy

Watch dance/movement therapy in action with eating disorders:

Episode 1 Promo – “Expressing Disorder: Journey to Recovery”

Observe scenes inside a hospital with “Dréa’s Dream,” the first pediatric Dance Therapy Program in Los Angeles at UCLA Child Life/Child Development Program launched in November 2008, providing dance/movement therapy for children with cancer and special needs:

Dance Movement Therapy at Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA

View dance/movement in action in an anti-bullying and violence prevention program for children:

Movement therapy helps young kids

Hear the amazing story of transformation in former boy soldiers in post-conflict Sierra Leone.  Through dance/movement therapy, this group of former boy soldiers claimed an international human rights award, the 2009 Freedom to Create Youth Prize, which honored their exceptional courage in using the transformative power of art to reconcile with the community they’d violated:

Embodying Empathy: Dance/Movement Therapy after Unthinkable Trauma

Learn how a dance/movement therapist helps a group of boys with social struggles navigate the process of developing new identities and relationships:

Adventure Under the Sea: A Dance/Movement Therapy Moment