Inspirational Videos: Drama Therapy

Get inspired for our inaugural experiential conference! This month’s feature: drama therapy video clips. Witness the inspiring enactments of stories from San Quentin State Prison, offered by the drama therapy program of Marin Shakespeare Company, which engages inmates in a half year of Shakespearean studies, followed by a half year of developing their own “parallel play” that explores Shakespearean themes (e.g., of betrayal of one’s own morality, of a promise to a grandmother, of one’s gang). View the 2015 parallel play performance based on Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. For a briefer look, view the first three entertaining minutes on “greetings,” and then fast forward to 1:34-1:42 to watch Phoenix’s story of how he got to prison.

View a trailer about the film Standing Tall that documents leading drama therapist Robert Landy working with a classroom of traumatized 4th grade children who witnessed the events of 9/11 from their classroom window.

In this video, Landy briefly explains more about the therapeutic value of the process of creating and performing stories based on experience, starting with intentionally playful exploration that gives way to deeper expression of feelings.

In this video, drama therapist Kristi Davis gives the University of Michigan Musical Theatre students a taste of Drama Therapy. Included are engaging and physical and dramatic exercises such as “mirroring,” enacting “conflicting emotions,” “family sculptures,” “interviewing an emotion as a character,” and “imitation-dance.” Watch as students tap into their playful, creative, imaginative, and spontaneous selves for insight, group bonding, and emotional release.

Dr. Daniel Wiener demonstrates how drama therapy can be used with couples to explore and develop other dimensions of their relationship.

In this NYU Drama Therapy video on “Race as Performance” Part IV, the audience contributes themes and reflects on their experience observing enactment of those themes by a performance ensemble.