Mental Health Month: Comfort Place

AHI-Ketcher-Mental-Health-VisualiztionMay is Mental Health month and we are excited to share accessible resources that use creative expression to foster mental health. Be sure to read our previous posts from this series on self-care zines and playlists for well-being to learn more.

Comfort Place
Your own imagination can be a wonderful tool when resources are limited. Use your imagination to create a comfort place that you can visit when you need a mental health staycation. Where is your comfort place? What are the smells? Where are you sitting? Is anyone with you?

More Resources & Inspiration
If visualizing a comfort place in your mind feels challenging, try starting with items around you to find comfort. Check out this Creative Challenge prompt about exploring your comfort place from the UnLonley Project. Feeling  stressed or anxious? Your imaginative comfort place can help. In the Elemental article,“How Does Your Anxiety Feel?,” Jud Brewer, MD, PhD, a psychologist and neuroscientist with an interest in curiosity, writes that “curiosity as a quality of awareness is really helpful for helping us unwind stress and anxiety instead of winding ourselves up more.”

Just like any other skill in life, visualizing is something that takes practice. Check out this article from Psychology Today describing three techniques you can use to develop your visualization skills. There are many resources online on how to practice visualization. Watch this YouTube video from Kahn Academy, a non-profit that empowers learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom, for a guided visualization to calm your mind.

Interested in additional resources on mental health? Check out the National Alliance on Mental Illness for readily available accessible resources