National Poetry Month

As National Poetry Month comes to an end, we welcome you to explore poetry as a tool for social emotional awareness! Have you found that your feelings often defy your ability to describe them? This enjoyable and creatively freeing activity enables us to give feelings personality characteristics that reflect our experience yet remain comfortably outside ourselves. Try this activity for nine-year-olds and up. 

Step 1: Write down 3 – 5 feelings. You can also call a friend and ask them how they’re feeling if you need inspiration!
Step 2: Pick one of the feelings.
Step 3: Write activities that feeling would do if it was a person.

To help brainstorm activities for your selected feeling, ask yourself:
What does it eat, drink?
What are its favorite activities?
Where does it live?
What does it look like?

As an example, here is a snippet of a 3rd grade student’s poem for “Kindness”:

Kindness eats love and friendship.
Kindness drinks sweet lemonade.
Kindness if in everyone’s sweet love box in their hearts.
Kindness likes to play jump rope with her friends — joy, beauty, and forgiveness, ignoring anger.

Attend one of our upcoming Social Emotional Arts on a Shoestring Trainings to explore this activity’s full curriculum and learn more about other writing, movement, music, and visual art tools.