Older Adults Needed for Pilot Program Development

We’re seeking older adults to participate in activities being considered for a new curriculum involving the use of rhythm and movement for self-expression, mood elevation, mobility, memory enhancement, stress reduction, engagement, social connection, and balance. These activities can also offer relief for caregivers as well as ways to strengthen relationships with those for whom they are caring.

program co-developers

Marilyn McLaughlin MFA founder of All Bodies Move, creator of Drumming Into Stillness and All Bodies Dance! brings 30 years of experience to Arts and Wellness practices as a Certified Laban Movement Analyst, Registered Somatic Movement Therapist, NASM Senior Fitness Specialist, Fall Proof Balance Specialist and Adjunct Professor at LMU.

Mary Knysh is musician, international author, and founder of Rhythmic Connections, an innovative company advancing education, health, and creative development through drum circles and music improvisation.

what is needed:

Dates: Week of May 20-25

Location: 5-mile radius from Los Angeles International Airport

Type of group participants being sought:

  •     Group A: Mid to late stage dementia. No Alzheimers.
  •     Group B: Early stage dementia (if not available, then well older adults with more mobility challenges)
  •     Group C: optional – independently living “well-derly” (i.e., with strong cognition and little mobility impairment).

Number of participants: 4 (in addition, staff and caregivers are welcome to attend)

Frequency of sessions: at least twice during the week for each group

Length of sessions: Not more than one hour.

Space requirements:  Open space with chairs, where noise making will not be disruptive to the environment.

If your facility or private group is interested in participating in this pilot, please email pingho@ucla.edu with the following information:

  • Name of your facility (if applicable):
  • Address:
  • Type of participants available:
  • Days of the week and times of day that may be possible from May 20-25:

We will follow up with scheduling if your facility seems like a fit for our pilot needs.