Rhythm Lid Drumhead with Comfort Sound Technology®

Remo’s Rhythm Lid™ Drumheads with the Comfort Sound Technology® film produce a big vibration with a focused, controlled sound that delivers warm tones and are designed to fit most U.S.-made pails or buckets. This Rhythm Lid™ Drumhead with Comfort Sound Technology® measures 13” x 2”.

Remo’s Rhythm Lid™ pre-tuned drumheads are constructed with an Acousticon drumshell. They are designed to fit most 5, 6, and 7 gallon U.S. made pails. Applying the drumhead to the pail with a slight downward pressure creates a “Press Fit” seal that produces the quality tonal frequency. Most hardware stores or big box stores carry a pail or buckets that are compatible with the Rhythm Lid™ Drumhead, making it affordable and fun for educational, recreational, and street drumming.