Art Ranch


The Art Ranch inspires young people, adults, and families towards greater self-awareness, a global sense of community, and respect for the earth through it's camp programs in the arts, american indian culture, and sustainable living.

The Arts are integral to the development of the right hemisphere of the brain, which is the bridge to our evolutionary development. Indigenous peoples, through their Culture and teachings, hold a key to a deeper understanding of the self, humanity’s existence, and the realization of the Oneness of Life. Combining the Arts, American Indian Culture, along with hands on workshops in Ancient to modern sustainable building, permaculture and nutrition, our young people and adults will learn to use their imagination and creativity to integrate cross cultural knowledge and to apply this expanded thought process to develop new ways of being and living on the earth.


PO Box 85 - 44828 Tyler Creek Dr
California Hot Springs, CA 93207
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southern california