Arts in Healing Spring Institute


Arlington, VA


Why Attend: This year's Spring Institute offers you the opportunity to learn from an extraordinary group of accomplished professionals in this burgeoning field, illuminating theory with leading-edge neuroscience research and extensive experiential learning, designed to inform and enhance clinical and daily practice.

Why Trauma: The creative arts therapies have been widely recognized for their efficacy in the field of trauma treatment. Neuroscience research has demonstrated that traumatic memories often become disconnected from the language centers of the brain, making their expression literally “unspeakable.” Experiential approaches that rely on embodiment and the creation of alternative pathways of expression have therefore been recognized as treatments of choice for those suffering the impact of traumatic events, as they facilitate the transition between verbal and nonverbal modes of processing.

who should attend:

    • expressive and creative arts therapists
    • healthcare professionals
    • veteran’s groups
    • educators
    • mental health professionals
    • therapists
    • counselors
    • researchers
    • graduate and undergraduate students
    • those interested in learning more about creative arts therapy efficacy in the field of trauma treatment!

sponsoring organization(s):

Expressive Media, Starbright Training, & the Gil Institute


arts categories:

mixed-art forms
theater arts


central us
eastern us
northern california
southern california
western us