Austin (2001) In Search of Self: The Use of Vocal Holding Techniques with Adults Traumatized as Children

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journal article


Diane Austin. Music Therapy Perspectives. 2001; Vol. 19, No. 1: pp 22-30.


How does one lose a self? It can be sacrificed at birth to fill up an empty parent. It can be shattered into fragments from unspeakable terrors like abuse, neglect and emotional and/or physical abandonment. It can become numb, deadened to life as the only way to exist in an unsafe environment. Or, essential parts of the self can be hidden away because when they first came forth they were not welcomed, seen, understood and valued, but were judged, shamed and rejected for being too different, too needy, too much. Sometimes, the authentic self retreats into an inner sanctum because it was envied and even hated for the bright light of potentiality it possessed.


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