Austin (2007) Lifesongs: Music Therapy for Adolescents in Foster Care

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Diane Austin. Lifesongs: Music Therapy for Adolescents in Foster Care. In: Vanessa A. Camilleri, ed. Healing the Inner City Child: Creative Art Therapies for At Risk Youth 1st ed. Jessica Kingsley Publishers; 2007: pp 92-103.


Healing the Inner City Child presents a diverse practical collection of creative arts therapies approaches that meet the ever-increasing mental health needs of inner city children, whose exposure to air and noise pollution, and relatively high instances of violence, crime and family pressures, is increasingly paving the way for depression and behavioural disorders. Drawing on their own professional experience in the disciplined use of music, art, drama and dance therapy, the contributors describe approaches that enable children to overcome the psychological obstacles they experience, and help them reach their full academic and personal potentials. They examine current research and psychoeducational trends and build a compelling case for the use of creative arts therapies with inner city populations. A must-read for creative arts therapists, psychologists, social workers and educators, this book offers practical information for those working to improve the life of children growing up in inner city areas.


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