Belil (2011) The Effects of Psychodrama on Depression Among Women with Chronic Mental Disorder

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journal article


F. Ebrahimi Belil. European Psychiatry. 2011; Vol. 26, No. 1: pp 621.


At resent 3desaides management of chronic mental disorders at psychiatric health association to be high attention.

Purpose of Study
Determining effect of psychodrama on depression among women with chronic mental disorder.

This study was a quasi-experimental study that done in RAZI comprehensive psychiatric center. Community of this research consists of chronic mental patients bedridden at RAZI comprehensive psychiatric center that among them 30 women with chronic mental disease possess entrains criterions selected and with randomized permuted blokes’ allocation to two control and intervention groups. Then them depression examined with beck depression inventory (BDI). Then 12 sessions hours long of psychodrama, 2ice per week, 6 weeks for intervention group enactment but control group received routine treatments. When the program ended depression of ills reexamined whit study instrument and analyzed with independent T test, paired T test kolmogroph smernophand Leven and covariance analyzes tests.

Main of depression before and after intervention at control group was not significant but at Intervention group was significant (P = 0.000).

At two groups after Intervention depression differences revolve significant (P = 0.000).

Comparison between main of depression after psychodrama even after modification of age and before intervention depression effect by covariance analyzes at two groups showed significant deferens.

Psychodrama leads to decrease of depression at intervention group.


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