Bensimon et al. (2012) A Pendulum Between Trauma and Life: Group Music Therapy with Post-Traumatized Soldiers

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journal article


Moshe Benismon, Dorit Amir, and Yuval Wolf. The Arts in Psychotherapy. 2012; Vol. 39, No. 4: pp 223-233.


This study suggests a model for group music therapy with post-traumatized soldiers. Six soldiers who had been diagnosed as suffering from combat or terror-related posttraumatic stress disorder participated in a series of 90-min weekly sessions of music therapy. Data were gathered by filming the sessions with digital cameras and by means of open-ended in-depth interviews. A mixed method analysis of musical and verbal contents revealed two waves of group engagement in trauma and non-trauma matters. As a whole, this process decreased reflections of traumatic emotions and increased expressions of non-traumatic feelings. The findings are discussed in light of Levine's (1997) “pendulation” therapy model. Practical implications for music therapy are suggested.


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