Borowsky-Junge (2010) The Modern History of Art Therapy in the United States

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Maxine Borowsky Junge. 1st ed. Charles C Thomas Pub Ltd; 2010.


The innovative mental health profession of art therapy developed in the United States over the last 50 years. Its creative integration of art and psychology to treat clients with psychiatric difficulties and aid in human growth and healing has become a well-known and respected mental health discipline. The book, the Modern History of Art Therapy in the United States, carefully traces the history of art therapy through its twists and turns, positioning its development within evolving American culture. In clear and accessible writing, it tells the story of pioneer art therapists who devoted lives and passions to establishing this important field. Chronologies and study questions for discussion end most chapters. Finally, the book presents issues essential to the field today such as art therapy registration, certification and licensing, art therapy assessment procedures, research, multiculturalism and art therapy as an international phenomenon. It closes with an evaluation by pioneering art therapists about the accomplishments and challenges art therapy faces today.


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