Dance and Dialogue


Dance and Dialogue is a non-profit arts organization. We believe that dance is a tool for communication that promotes personal and social change to bring about a better future for everyone in our community and beyond.

Dance and Dialogue's program is based in joy: the joy of dance, the joy of sharing, the joy of self expression. By bringing together people of all ages, from all the different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds that make up our community, the program looks to break down the barriers of preconceived differences and eliminates fear of others. As participants share their stories they encounter their own feelings and discover that in self expression combined with art, they gain in empathy and self confidence.


200 South Barrington Avenue PO Box 492471
Los Angeles, CA 90049
(310) 909-3565

arts categories:


population(s) served:

older adults
special needs

region(s) served:

southern california