Dent-Brown (2011) Six-Part Storymaking —a Tool for CAT Practitioners

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journal article


Kim Dent-Brown Reformulation 2011; Summer, Issue 36: pp 34-36.


Six-Piece Story Making (6PSM) is a projective technique using structured instructions to help a client create a new, fictional story which can be used in psychotherapy assessment or treatment. Despite its ready acceptance by CAT practitioners, CAT theory and practice have not been formally applied to understand the material produced by 6PSM. This article will make a first attempt at doing that, to make suggestions about how 6PSM might be more fully integrated into CAT practice and to identify avenues for further research or development. The initial developer of 6PSM (Lahad, 1992) proposes that the newly created story demonstrates the way the client habitually perceives or reacts to the world, and that this kind of communication by metaphor is useful in psychotherapy. Could 6PSM be a useful tool for CAT? How might it be integrated into CAT practice, and is it consistent with CAT theoretical positions?


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older adults