Drum Circle Facilitators Guild (DCFG) Conference


02/26/16 - 02/28/16


Myrtle Beach, SC


It is once again time to gather as a community to drum, learn, educate, and be inspired! As we come together for our 11th year together, we do so with the focus and theme of “Growth, Leadership, Endless Possibility.” This year’s conference will once again be an amazing experience full of great presentations, learning experiences, open sharing, and as always amazing drum circle facilitators.

The Drum Circle Facilitators Guild (DCFG) Conference will feature a variety of workshops and presentations on a wide range of DCF topics. There will be an array of activities ranging from formal presentations, open sharing, jump time for facilitation practice, and of course plenty of time to simply drum together. Conference sessions are designed for participants who have a working knowledge and experience with basic DCF principles and techniques. Beginning DCFs are of course welcome, however introductory instruction will not be offered.

who should attend:

  • music therapists
  • healthcare professionals
  • musicians
  • educators
  • mental health professionals
  • therapists
  • counselors
  • researchers
  • graduate and undergraduate students
  • those interested in learning more about drum circle facilitation!

sponsoring organization(s):

Drum Circle Facilitators Guild (DCFG)


(202) 643-7862

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eastern us
central us
western us
northern california
southern california