Eaton et al. (2007) A Review of Research and Methods Used to Establish Art Therapy as an Effective Treatment Method for Traumatized Children

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Leslie G. Eaton, Kimberly L. Doherty, and Rebekah M. Widrick. The Arts in Psychotherapy. 2007; Vol. 34, Issue 3: pp 256–262.


Art therapy uses creative expression to provide individuals with a safe outlet for expressing thoughts and emotions to successfully facilitate recovery from psychological distress. The present study reviews the efficacy of art therapy as a method for treating traumatized children. Published, peer-reviewed literature that focused exclusively on the use of art therapy for treating children who had experienced a traumatic event was included in this review. This study found that art therapy was used successfully in a variety of contexts as a treatment regimen for traumatized children. Several methodological and statistical issues are discussed and suggestions for future research are provided in this review.


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