Expressive Digital Imagery Institute


The EDI Institute partners with leading medical, community, and educational organizations to promote recovery and emotional resilience. We enable those facing life’s challenges to express complex feelings and emotions that words alone cannot. Remarkably, we have discovered how to do this through imagery created on mobile devices.

The EDI Institute is singularly focused on dramatically enhancing measurable clinical outcomes for any chronic illness, simply by enhancing therapeutic self-expression.

The EDI Institute integrates Expressive Digital Imagery® (EDI) within hospitals, clinics, schools, and other community organizations. Our team of professionals and fellows work intimately with our partners to tailor the use of EDI in each unique environment. With specialized technologies and best practices uncovered from ongoing pilots around the country, we directly engage in the design and implementation of new EDI programs. We train, we support the rollout, and we enable vital ongoing outcomes measurement.


3 Cumston Street
Boston, MA 02118
(617) 686-0377

arts categories:

mixed-art forms

population(s) served:

older adults

region(s) served:

eastern us