Johnson (2009) Commentary: Examining Underlying Paradigms in the Creative Arts Therapies of Trauma

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journal article


David Read Johnson. The Arts in Psychotherapy. 2009; Vol. 36, No. 2: pp 114-220.


The question arises whether we should accommodate or not. Though leaders in the creative arts therapies have called for empirical research and cognitive-behavioral formats, frankly few if any have come. Does this mean that there is something antithetical between the CATs and CBT? Will we sacrifice our true nature out of our need for survival? Or do we hide in our offices until “the pendulum swings again?”

In this article, these questions will be addressed, but first I would like to examine briefly the five articles in this issue and identify the underlying paradigms upon which the authors rely. Each of these fine articles demonstrates how the creative arts therapies can be helpful in the treatment of trauma-related conditions. Perhaps such an analysis will reveal trends that may help us answer the broader questions raised above.


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