Krampe (2013) Exploring the Effects of Dance-Based Therapy on Balance and Mobility in Older Adults

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Jean Krampe. Western Journal of Nursing Research. January 2013; Vol. 35, No. 1: pp 39-56.


Balance and mobility are a common concern among older adults. This pilot randomized controlled study examines the effect of dance-based therapy to increase balance and mobility in 27 participants with mean age 85 years (±7.5) from a single aging-in-place facility in the Midwest. Multidirectional reach, velocity, step length differential, and a Functional Ambulation Profile were measured before and after 18 sessions of low-impact dance-based therapy. Although a Wilcoxon rank sum test showed no significance, effect size analyses suggest that dance-based therapy was mildly or moderately effective in several components of balance and mobility. Additional research is needed with a full-scale trial.


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older adults