Krout. (2007) Music Listening to Facilitate Relaxation and Promote Wellness: Integrated Aspects of Our Neurophysiological Responses to Music

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journal article


Robert E. Krout. The Arts in Psychotherapy. 2007; Vol. 34, No.2: pp 134-141.


Wellness as a movement for both healthy persons and those with diagnosed diseases has been growing in both popularity and acceptance by consumers and the health industry. Wellness in part includes an individual's positive attitude towards, and active engagement in the health environment in which they function. A focus of wellness can include techniques and methods that people can use in their lives to combat stress and facilitate relaxation. Music as a sound medium has been used as part of wellness programs in a variety of ways, including as a sonic background for relaxation experiences. In this article, the role of music listening to positively affect neurophysiological and emotional responses related to relaxation is examined. Neurological bases of music listening and sound processing are reviewed, with emphasis on how music is processed by the limbic and related biological systems, including endocrine and hormonal responses. Suggestions for how consumers may use music listening in their own wellness and relaxation regimens are provided, including descriptions of which music to consider, where to obtain it, and how to use it.


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