National Center for Creatve Aging (NCCA) Conference


To convene leaders from local to international across the sectors of aging, arts, health, and social services who are dedicated to promoting and sustaining creative expression as vital to healthy aging. This conference intends to retool practitioners, showcase best practice programs, build capacity as well as provide a space for networking and exchange among those in arts, aging, caregiving, health, social services, and education.

The National Center for Creative Aging is dedicated to fostering an understanding of the vital relationship between creative expression and healthy aging, and to developing programs that build upon this understanding. The fastest growing percentage of the US population is older adults over the age of 85 with 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 every day. As the demographic shift continues, the arts have grown as a promising intervention to improve quality of life, increase individual health and wellbeing, and build community connectivity for older adults. As the conversation progresses at a national and international level, the time has come for a national conference to elevate the field of creative aging through the provision of professional development to professionals working in the fields of arts, aging, and healthcare. This conference is a keystone for the framework that is currently being implemented to support this field. Out of the activities that take place over the week, NCCA will develop a number of key assets including a toolkit, white paper, monograph, national network of professionals, and more.

This Leadership Exchange and Conference is in memory of Dr. Gene D. Cohen, a leader in the field of arts and aging. "What has been universally denied is the potential. The ultimate expression of potential is creativity," said Cohen.

The National Leadership Exchange and Conference main day will take place May 18-21 at Arena Stage. Attendees in arts, healthcare, education, and social services will experience a full day of breakout sessions along four tracks: health and wellness, lifelong learning, community engagement, and research and policy. Within those for tracks, attendees will be able to choose between research forums, best practice exchanges, capacity building exchanges, and experiential workshops where they’ll learn about programs and practice happening across the country and abroad.

In addition to the main conference, attendees can participate in a variety of trainings. More information will be announced soon.

who should attend:

  • creative arts therapists
  • healthcare professionals
  • veteran’s groups
  • educators
  • mental health professionals
  • therapists
  • counselors
  • researchers
  • graduate and undergraduate students
  • those interested in learning more about creative, healthy aging!

sponsoring organization(s):

National Center for Creative Aging (NCCA)

(202) 895-9456

arts categories:

mixed-art forms


eastern us
central us
northern california
western us
southern california