North American Drama Therapy Association (NADTA) Listserv

listserv description:

The Dramatherapy Listserve is a public email listserv of people who are interested in the field of drama therapy. It is open to anyone who wishes to engage in conversation or observe conversations about the field or practice of drama therapy.

how to join:

Send an email to the NADTA Communications Chair at, and you will be subscribed.When you subscribe please request the regular or digest version. Regular version delivers each email to your inbox. Digest version sends you all the emails from each 24 hour period in one email. When you are subscribed you will get a message from the listserv with instructions for how to post items to the listerv.

arts categories:

theater arts

region(s) served:

eastern us
central us
western us
northern california
southern california

population(s) served:

special needs
older adults
very young children