Pendzik (2006) On Dramatic Reality and Its Therapeutic Function in Drama Therapy

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journal article


Susana Pendzik. The Arts in Psychotherapy. 2006; Vol. 33: pp 271-280.


Dramatic reality is a core concept in drama therapy, and perhaps also the most genuine feature of the field. All drama therapists draw on dramatic reality in some form, both in their clinical practice and in their theoretical thinking. This paper explores the concept of dramatic reality in drama therapy from a philosophical angle, in a way that is unattached to a particular model or a specific approach: first, the article defines the concept's scope and boundaries, with reference to its modes as informed by Schechner's notion of performance activities; then it describes the main features and properties of dramatic reality, while looking at their implications in a therapeutic setting. Finally, it points out the four main tasks that drama therapists are called on to perform in connection with dramatic reality.


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theater arts

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