Pendzik (2008) Dramatic Resonances: A Technique of Intervention in Drama Therapy, Supervision, and Training

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journal article


Susana Pendzik.The Arts in Psychotherapy. 2008; Vol. 35: pp 217-223.


Dramatic Resonances is an advanced drama therapy technique that can be applied as an intervention in therapy, supervision, and training. Mostly used in group settings, the method is based on the creative responses that participants offer from within dramatic reality to an input posed from outside dramatic reality. The input may be a member‟s personal experience (memory, dream, etc.) or a non-personal narrative (tale, text, etc.). The approach has a strong ritualistic style and integrates elements from various sources – including the shamanic tradition and the Playback mode. This article describes the technique of Dramatic Resonances, its rationale and therapeutic value, while setting it in theoretical context.


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theater arts

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