Pendzik (2008) Using the 6-Key Model as an Intervention Tool in Drama Therapy

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journal article


Susana Pendzik. The Arts in Psychotherapy. 2008; Vol. 35: pp 349-354.


The 6-Key Model is an integrative, drama therapy-based, method of assessment and intervention. The model is anchored in the notion of dramatic reality – which it views as a genuine therapeutic force and a paramount tool for intervention in drama therapy. Each key is connected to a different aspect of dramatic reality (including form, contents, and occurrences outside dramatic reality). The model provides the therapist with a systematic means for mapping drama therapy processes and structuring the therapeutic work. By presenting an overall picture of the situation, the model signals at specific keys where therapeutic interventions would be most effective. This paper presents the basics of the 6-Key Model, focusing on its use as a tool for intervention in drama therapy. The article offers concrete ideas for intervention in each key, and a case example.


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theater arts

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