Pendzik and Raviv (2011) Therapeutic Clowning and Drama Therapy: A Family Resemblance

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journal article


Susana Pendzik and Amnon Raviv. The Arts in Psychotherapy. 2011; Vol. 38: pp 267-275.


This paper compares therapeutic clowning and drama therapy, starting with a brief survey of the development of medical clowning as a profession, a definition of the field, and a claim to its ancient link with drama therapy. It then proceeds to analyze four vignettes describing the work of a medical clown in a hospital, and examining them through the lens of drama therapy concepts and theory. The paper shows that the clown’s working techniques can be conceptualized using drama therapeutic models and theory, and that using this approach as a method of analysis can serve to enhance the body of knowledge of the rapidly growing profession of therapeutic clowning.


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theater arts

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