Prasad (2008) Creative Expressions: Say it with Art

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Sangeeta Prasad. 1st ed. Sangeeta Prasad; 2008.


Creative Expressions: Say it with Art is a book for teachers and parents who are interested in art as a visual mode of communication and a therapeutic tool for children aged 2 through 12. Art therapist Sangeeta Prasad addresses both the value of art therapy for children with special needs, and the need for a comprehensive approach to teaching the visual arts as part of the education curriculum. Emphasizing the role of artistic creativity in a child s learning process, Prasad outlines the artistic developmental stages of children, revealing the patterns in how children express themselves visually from random scribbles to realistic drawings. she includes a framework for the art curriculum, including how to set up the art environment, how to organize art at the kindergarten level, and detailed art lesson plans that will help teachers structure the proposed theories presented in the book. Prasad also demonstrates how to use art appreciation to teach art. Art is not only an educational tool, but also a means of expressing one s thoughts and feelings, building self-esteem, and gaining insight into one s thinking and behavior. Prasad introduces the field of art therapy with a brief history on the origins of art as a tool in therapy. She addresses the various aspects of art therapy, such as art as therapy, art psychotherapy, and art as a diagnostic tool, demonstrating through case studies how these various approaches help children. This is a book that is highly recommended for teachers and parents with little art background interested in using art as a teaching and therapeutic tool.


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