Rose et al. (2012) Hope Against the Rain: Investigating the Psychometric Overlap Between an Objective and Projective Measure of Hope in a Medical Student Sample

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Sage Rose, Deborah Elkis-Abuhoff, Robert Goldblatt, and Elyse Miller. The Arts in Psychotherapy. 2012; Vol. 39, No. 4: pp 272–278.


This study examined the psychometric overlap between the Dispositional Hope Scale (DHS; Snyder et al., 1991) and the Verinis, Lichtenberg & Henrich version of the D-A-P-R (Oster & Gould Crone, 2004) as an objective and projective measure of hope among a high-stress population of medical students. Results indicated that the DHS and D-A-P-R were correlated. Students with higher hope scores on the D-A-P-R also had significantly higher DHS scores in agency related beliefs. In addition to theoretical convergence, first year medical students obtained significantly lower scores on the D-A-P-R than second year students, suggesting lower hope on the projective measure. No significant differences were found by student year and the DHS. Future studies would compare the D-A-P-R and a state measure of the DHS.


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