Sideroff and Angel (2013) The Use of Drumming in the Development of Self-Trust and Healing in the Therapeutic Process

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journal article


Stephen Sideroff and Steven Angel. Annals of Psyhchotherapy and Integrative Health. 2013; Vol. 16, No. 2: pp 70-81.


This paper presents a novel approach for using rhythmic drumming to facilitate self-awareness of authenticity as well as self-trust during the psychotherapy process of emotional healing and growth. For example, building on a concept for early childhood development patterns referred to as a "Primitive Gestalts," the rhythmic drumming approach engages the client in a process that contrasts, on an experiential level, conditioned patterns of Primitive Gestalts with their authentic self. The experiential approach to therapy using rhythmic drumming is described as a technique for connecting with unfinished emotional business and linked energetic manifestations, as well as for moving and transforming unfinished emotional energy. As a result, this facilitates the establishment of new and healthier Gestalt patterns.


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