Snow and D'Amico (2011) Casting the Healing Role: Assessment in Therapuetic Theater

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book chapter


Stephen Snow and Mirada D\'Amico. Casting the Healing Role: Assessment in Therapuetic Theater. In: David Read Johnson, Susana Pendzik, and Stephen Snow, eds. Assessment in Drama Therapy. 1st ed. Charles C Thomas Pub Ltd; 2011: pp 91-120.


In this chapter, the authors describe their experience of adapting an assessment tool to help directors of therapeutic theater cast the most beneficial roles for their clients. The Drama Therapy Role-Play Interview (DTRPI) has been mainly used for treatment planning and research on client progress over time (Snow & D’Amico, 2009). What is described in the following pages is its unique adaptation for the process of casting in therapeutic theater. This process is based on an understanding of the relationship between the roles we play in life and the roles we might play in the theatre, and more specifically, how can we identify the healthy roles that an individual might be asked to perform and the unhealthy roles that need to be transformed.


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