Spirit Awakening Foundation


The Foundation’s mission is to build character and raise self-esteem, one child at a time. It believes that a child’s true life is independent of circumstances. Regardless of race, culture, economic status or even criminal history, there is a sparkling spirit in at-risk youth and adults that is intentional, clear and strong; and everyone has the right to find life-affirming answers to questions about his/her purpose, dreams, intrinsic value and connection to self, family, community and spirit. The Foundation uses the award winning “Writes of Passage”™ curriculum created by founder Akuyoe Graham as the cornerstone of its programming. Using a unique blend of writing exercises, meditation, dramatic improvisation and mentoring, the program helps participants gain access to and insights about the “author” of their life story and empowers them to change that story’s “voice” from a negative, passive victim’s into that of a positive, contributing world citizen. Additionally, the program has also been given to adults in shelters, prisons and mental institutions with great success.


514 South Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(310) 570-8190

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