TUMATA was founded in 1976 by Asst. Prof. Dr. Rahmi Oruç Güvenç, to research and promote, the birth and development of Turkish music, its repertory and its richness in instruments. After its activities in liaison with University of Istanbul Ethnomusicology Research and Application center between 1991 and 1995, it continued its activities as Marmara University Turkic World Research and Promotion Unit at Turkic Research Institute.

The repertory, musical performance style and types, dances, costumes and decorations, social, cultural and pedagogical sources of Turkish music which is said to have a history of six thousand years, and application material of music therapy which was rediscovered by modern medicine comprise the general activities of TUMATA. To serve this purpose, 6 centers have been founded in Mannheim, Munich, Berlin, Zurich, Madrid and Barcelona and apart from these, in Rosenau-Austria a school which trains music therapist was inaugurated and the first graduates received their diplomas after performing in a concert at the Sultan Bajezid II Hospital in Edirne in 1995.


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