UCLA Integrative Medicine Conference




Los Angeles, CA


The 4th Annual Student Conference for Integrative Medicine, Practical Approaches to Wellness Through Integrative Medicine: Benefits for a Lifetime, seeks to educate undergraduate and professional students in the Southern California region who are interested in the field of integrative medicine.

This day-long event is a collaboration between UCLA undergraduates, the UCLA Center of East-West Medicine, and UCLA medical students. Multiple workshops on various topics such as mindfulness, nutrition, and movement therapy hope to elucidate to attendees that self-care can be simple and accessible. Attendees are encouraged to not only explore the integrative medicine field, but to also network by interacting with various healthcare professionals throughout the event.

who should attend:

  • cam practitioners
  • healthcare professionals
  • researchers
  • creative arts therapists
  • graduate and undergraduate students
  • those interested in learning more about integrative medicine!

sponsoring organization(s):

Students for Integrative Medicine (SIM) at UCLA, David Geffen IMSIG, and the UCLA Center for East-West Medicine



arts categories:

mixed-art forms


southern california