Yotis (2006) A Review of Dramatherapy Research in Schizophrenia: Methodologies and Outcomes

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journal article


Lambros Yotis. Psychotherapy Research. 2006; Vol. 6, No. 2: pp 190-200.


This article aims to examine all the different types of research studies in the existing literature regarding the impact of dramatherapy on patients with a schizophrenic disorder to provide a springboard for future advances in the application of dramatherapy as an adjunct therapeutic approach for this client group. Quantitative research approaches in the form of randomized clinical trials have proven to be feasible in dramatherapy when they aim at providing evidence of the improvement in the condition of patients with schizophrenia or of the diminution of their symptoms. Qualitative approaches explore the therapeutic processes through which dramatherapy practice can confront more effectively the schizophrenic psychopathology. Furthermore, theater-based research brings to light the creative side of patients with schizophrenia despite their psychopathology and promotes through action the discourse between patients “in role” and their audience in relation to the social stigma attached to people with schizophrenia.



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theater arts

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