Zucker et al. (2010) Getting Teachers In on the Act: Evaluation of a Theater and Classroom-Based Youth Violence Prevention Program

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journal article


Marla Zucker, Joseph Spinazzola, Amie Alley Pollack, Lauren Pepe, Stephanie Barry, Lynda Zhang, and Bessel van der Kolk.Journal of School Violence. 2010; Vol. 9, No.2: pp 117–135.


This study replicated and extended our previous evaluation of Urban Improv (UI), a theater-based youth violence prevention (YVP) program developed for urban youth. It assessed the replicability of positive program impacts when implemented by nonprogram originators, as well as the utility of a comprehensive version of the UI program that included a classroom-based teacher curriculum (TC). Outcomes compared 260 elementary school students in classrooms that received basic UI, the TC, or the comprehensive program (UI + TC), or to serve as matched control classrooms. Findings revealed that UI can be generalized to new troupes, the comprehensive program demonstrates an additive effect over UI alone, and the TC shows some promise as an easily disseminated, stand-alone YVP program.



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