Yetunde Price Resource Center (YPRC)

The Yetunde Price Resource Center (YPRC) was created to honor the life and memory of its namesake. Yetunde was the oldest of five sisters, the youngest of whom are Venus and Serena Williams. Yetunde was every bit the older sister—nurturing, loving, and always making sure others had before she did. Her compassion continued into adulthood as the mother of three and the caretaker of so many through her work and nature. When Yetunde was tragically killed by an act of senseless violence in 2003, she left behind three children, siblings, parents, and a community that mourned her. Fortunately, her children had access to resources but the Williams/Price family was well aware that others do not and in 2016 they created the Yetunde Price Resource Center (YPRC). The Center ensures that anyone who is impacted by violence, directly or indirectly, can access the resources they need to flourish physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.

what they do:

IMG_9996The Yetunde Price Resource Center (YPRC) collaborates with partner organizations to offer trauma-informed programs that promote individual and community-wide healing and resiliency. YPRC works to ensure that victims of direct or indirect senseless violence have complete access to existing resources, and that where there is a dearth in services, new resources are created.

UCLArts & Healing at YPRC:

We at UCLArts & Healing have engaged in a formal partnership with YPRC as part of our commitment to bringing much needed services to under-resourced communities.  We support YPRC’s programming with instructor and practitioner referrals.  If you are interested in offering your services in any way, please let us know via email at


To learn more about programs at YPRC, visit their website at